Just Like Humans, Squirrels Have Very Different Personality Traits | Max 106.3 | Chris Davis – KFI AM 640

Here’s today’s feel-good story:

A University of California study has discovered that golden-mantled ground squirrels, common in western U.S. and parts of Canada, actually have personalities.

The personalities can be broken down into four main traits: boldness, aggressiveness, activity level, and sociability.

The research suggests that an animal’s personality can influence the use of space which is important for wildlife conservation.

“This adds to the small but growing number of studies showing that individuals matter,” said Jaclyn Aliperti, who conducted the study while earning her Ph.D. in ecology at UC Davis.

“Accounting for personality in wildlife management may be especially important when predicting wildlife responses to new conditions, such as changes or destruction of habitat due to human activity.”

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