Our estate needs help to clear the squirrels – Islington Tribune newspaper website

‘Some senior citizen are too terrified to take place their porches when squirrels are there’

– AT St Luke’s estate, near Old Road, homeowners have for three years been complaining about squirrels climbing onto balconies, destroying our planting, and also defecating.

Some elderly resident are also scared to go on their verandas when squirrels exist as well as I’ve heard of squirrels going into apartments.

The factor is that Islington placed a best, upright, climbing structure on the outside of our structure, with the service cable televisions as well as solution pipes that have been installed to façades hard up versus verandas.

An insect control specialist recommended locals should eliminate all planting from their verandas which will quit drawing in the squirrels/ vermin. However I assume that is simply an astounding death of responsibility.

The council clearly did not accomplish danger evaluations. They should get rid of external cabling as well as gas pipelines. And squirrels need to be entraped at routine intervals.


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