Squirrels And Urbanization : Short Wave – NPR

An Eastern Gray Squirrel eats some seeds as well as nuts from a bird feeder.

Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

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Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

An Eastern Gray Squirrel consumes some seeds and also nuts from a bird feeder.

Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

Squirrels are almost everywhere– living in our country neighborhoods to our town hall to our bordering wild. Rhitu Chatterjee talks with researcher Charlotte Devitz regarding squirrels and how researching them could help us much better comprehend the altering urban environment.You can email Brief Wave at [email protected] This episode was produced by the one and

just Thomas Lu, modified by Viet Le, as well as fact-checked by Indi Khera. The audio engineer for this episode was Josh Newell.

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