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Last month, Hurricane Ida struck the state of Louisiana and devastated the lives of millions of residents. With wind gusts of up to 172mph and heavy rain thrashing down on the area, it’s not only people who suffered due to the storm—many animals were also displaced. When 15-year-old Bailee Villavaso and her family were evacuating the city, the teenager spotted a squirrel’s nest on the ground that had been blown down from a tree. Inside were three baby squirrels, with no mother to be seen.

Villavaso didn’t want to leave the vulnerable animals behind, so she rushed back home to get a box and a blanket. “I dried off the squirrels with the towel and put them in the box with bedding,” the young teenager reveals. “The squirrels were extremely lethargic, and huddled up to stay warm.” Villavaso reached out to a family member who is a vet, and asked for advice and how to care for the squirrels. She became their adoptive mom, and named them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, after the famous cartoon chipmunks. “Once the squirrels had eaten, they started to gain energy. After about 24 hours, they perked up enough to run and play,” Villavaso recalls. “The squirrels started climbing and running on me.” she adds, “I am definitely an animal lover!”

Villavaso is currently still looking after the squirrels where she and her family relocated. And although she loves caring for them, the kind-hearted teenager understands that it’s a job best suited for professionals. “I have reached out to some animal rehabbers, but was told they were overwhelmed with squirrels after the hurricane,” she said. “I will continue to reach out to animal rehab centers.” Until then. These cute squirrels look pretty happy and settled in their temporary home.

15-year-old Bailee Villavaso rescued three orphaned squirrels when she and her family were evacuating after Hurricane Ida.

The teenager spotted their nest on the ground after it had been blown down from a tree. The mother was no where to be seen.

The kind animal lover nursed them back to health.

She named them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, after the famous cartoon chipmunks.

h/t: [The Dodo]

All images via Bailee Villavaso.

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